Offshore wind projects

Main activities:

  • Pre-assembly
  • Installation and revival of telecomuikation equipment
  • Acceptance tests
  • maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • High frequency measurements
  • Training
  • Consultation


  • TETRA radio
  • Wimax
  • Microwave radio
  • LTE
  • IP phones
  • IP network
  • Access terminals


  • GWO first aid
  • GWO Fire Protection
  • GWO Manual Handling
  • GWO work at heights
  • GWO survival at sea
  • Leaving a helicopter in crisis situations

Main references of offshore wind projects

Wind farms

  • Dudgeon – UK
  • Gemini – Netherlands
  • Borkum I-II — Germany
  • Arkona - Germany
  • Borssele — Netherlands
  • Hornsea - UK
  • Sandbank - Germany
  • WMW — Netherlands


  • ATOS
  • Equinor
  • HE
  • Orsted

Offer of telecommunications products

HiTeS Slovakia s.r.o. is a distribution partner

SITE test system

SITE test system offers a solution that telecommunications operators operate themselves. This consists of sophisticated hardware and software that can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructure, leading to complementary solutions such as monitoring the entire telecommunications operator's system. The basic feature of the system is high flexibility, so it can adapt precisely to the requirements of any network environment.

HiTeS Slovakia s.r.o. is a distribution partner

Global Roamer

Gloabal Roamer is a means of emulating the properties of real "roamers", providing complete end-to-end tests using mobile devices that are located all over the world. When your customer arrives abroad, he expects that all the services he is used to at home will still be available to him.

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