Towns and villages

System for saving electricity in public lighting

BRS-sinus+ ® for public lighting

Lighting management and energy saving solution for public lighting

Special μP transformers and control reduce consumption and protect lighting devices against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations

The lamp voltage can be adjusted to any time and days of the week depending on the operation

No retroactive effect on the network through higher harmonics

Maintenance savings by extending the life of lighting equipment

Energy saving 25-40%

Easy installation

BRS-sinus+ ® for public lighting

Public lighting online - BRS-control ®

System for recording and displaying data on the consumption and performance of public lighting

Enables dialysis control of the system

Transmission of measured data and data to dial control via GPRS

Visualization of measured data and its access over the Internet

Installing the system

Minimum interference with existing public lighting installation

No changes are needed on lamp heads and mast anchorages

Easy installation

No back-to-back networking

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